My mom recently came out to Los Angeles for a long weekend. Since she hadn’t been here since I moved to LA a year and half ago, I wanted to make sure that she had an amazing time. We went on vacation in LA a couple of years ago, so we’ve already hit a lot of the top touristy destinations. One thing we didn’t do last time we were here together was a STUDIO TOUR. My mom and I both love old movies, so I thought it would be fun to go to Hollywood and do the Paramount Studio Tour.

The tours are relatively small and last about two hours. A page drives you around in a golf cart and shows you different studios while spouting off Paramount Pictures history. Because the group is so small, your guide will really personalize your tour to your tastes. For example, a lot of people in the group said they liked Forrest Gump so our guide took us to the bench from the movie and let us take pictures there. The guides carry iPads also, so they can easily pull up a scene from the movie they’re talking about. We went into the sound stages for Cheers and Rear Window (two of my mom’s faves), although they now house the sets for Nickelodeon shows. We also went into the set of Grace & Frankie, which was surreal because I have actually seen that show.

My favorite part of the tour was the New York City backlot, complete with subway entrances. Pictures don’t really do it justice, because obviously it’s made to be photographed. In reality, it’s pretty small. Apparently when they film on the backlot, they’ll only hire a few extras who will walk down into the subway entrance, change clothes, and come back up as a different person. I guess it saves on paying for extras!


My mom and I outside of the old gate of Paramount Studios. Part of the New York backlot at Paramount Studios My mom with a Transformer at Paramount Pictures Studio in Los Angeles, California. The famous Paramount Studios water tower in Hollywood, California. My mom and I sitting on the bench from Forrest Gump on the Paramount Studio Tour in Hollywood, California. A shot of the New York City backlot on the Paramount Studio Tour in Hollywood, California. The old main gate of Paramount Studios with palm trees and blue sky in the background.


After the studio tour, my mom and I went downtown to OUE Skyspace. It’s that thing where they have a slide on the outside of a skyscraper. The slide was terrifying and the view was spectacular, but in general it wasn’t worth the $35 or whatever to go there.

My mom at OUE Skyspace in Downtown Los Angeles. At OUE Skyspace in downtown Los Angeles, California.


Have you ever been on any studio tours? What’s your favorite touristy thing to do in LA? Let me know in the comments!

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