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That’s a wrap on February! It was an interesting month for me. I started a new workout regimen/healthy lifestyle at the beginning of the month, so I’ve been going hard at the gym at least 4 times per week and meal prepping like a baller. On the other hand, it was also my birthday so my mom can to visit and we spent 4 magical, rainy days together eating Ramen and drinking wine. It’s all about balance, people.


Between all of that, I listened to these songs a lot. I hope you dig them as much as I do!



Deee-Lite – Groove is in the Heart

It is IMPOSSIBLE to listen to this song and not be happy. This song is DOPE. This music video is incredible – so many important 60’s throwback/90’s rave fashion moments. Also, the lead singer of Deee-Lite, Lady Miss Kier, is a fashion icon and she is also from my hometown of Youngstown, Ohio.



Strange Names – Ricochet

This self-described “Next Wave” band are from Minneapolis and now live in Brooklyn (as so many musicians do). There’s definitely a strong 80’s flavor here which you know I am ALL ABOUT. Lead singer Liam Benzvi doesn’t know it yet, but he’s my next boyfriend.



Glass Animals – Pork Soda


If you’re not familiar with Glass Animals, you need to look back at your life and figure out where you went wrong.



Lil’ Kleine & Ronnie Flex – Drank & Drugs


If I can’t unsee this video, you can’t either. It’s basically just a bunch of people committing frottage on a variety of surfaces in public. But apparently songs that are good for humping are also good for squatting, so I’ve been listening to it A LOT lately. Also, if you were wondering what it sounds like to rap in Dutch, here you go.



The Garden – All Access


If I’m not mistaken, this spastic song samples SuperMario 64. Aesthetically, this band is so late 90’s/early 2000’s with their bleached hair and earrings. Just watch, you’ll see.



Shintaro Sakamoto – Purging the Demons


Another entry in the foreign language category, this song is really chill and really weird. I love the Hawaiian-flavored steel guitars and digitally manipulated harmonies. The fact that this song is in Japanese doesn’t take away from it at all. After all, I can barely understand the lyrics to songs in English.



Jagwar Ma – Batter Up


I can’t think of very many songs about beating someone in the teeth with a baseball bat. Actually, I can only think of this one. I put this on at the gym and think about all the people who have wronged me. It really gets my blood pumping!



Bruno Mars – 24k Magic


I am SO SORRY that I hated on Bruno Mars for such a long time. This song is lit and Bruno Mars is cool. I can admit when I’m wrong.



Gap Dream – Chill Spot


Sonically, I really dig this band. They just put me in a good place. A “chill spot”, if you will. I just looked them up and apparently the man behind the music, Gabe Fulvimar, is also from Northeastern Ohio. Oh, AND HE WAS IN AN EARLY VERSION OF THE BLACK KEYS. So how about that?



Part Time – My Jamey


I will frequently catch whiff of a cool band and then just dump their most recent album into a playlist called “Monthly Albums” that I put on shuffle while I work. Every once and a while, I would hear something really cool that stood out to me and EVERY TIME it was Part Time’s album Virgo Maze. If you like 80’s synth pop, I think you’ll like this.



Fern Kinney – Baby, Let Me Kiss You


Saving the best for last! This was my favorite new discovery of old music this month. This 1979 disco song has such an amazing groove. Put it on at your next party and impress all your friends with your amazing taste.


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