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At this point, I feel like it’s horribly cliché to dump on 2016. Collectively, as a species, we had a tough year. I don’t even want to touch on the atrocities of the American people. We lost a lot of good people (and dogs). Now it’s 2017 and hopefully things will be better this year. But with Donald Trump about to be sworn in as President, I seriously doubt that better things are coming for America.

ANYWAYS…2016 was a rough year for me also. Not as bad as 2009, by any means (when I lost my dog, Grandma and Grandpa PLUS I got full-body poison ivy and broke my foot). But it was still rough. I spent the first half of the year working at the worst job ever for the 2nd worst human (after Donald Trump), broke my tailbone, was completely destitute all summer and had to walk dogs for a living, then tumbled into some woeful depression.

At least, that’s what it looks like when you focus on the negative. But as I was looking through my pictures of 2016, I remembered all these totally awesome times I had and all these good things that happened to me. It’s totally changed my perspective on the year. I quit the worst job ever, I got to spend the summer with dogs, I made new best friends, and I read 42 books while I was stuck in bed so…

It’s all about how you frame it, people.

Except a Trump presidency. That cannot be reframed to be good.

Anyways, in no particular order, here’s some of my favorite moments of 2016.

I spent my 27th birthday on the beach in Malibu with Shelby. It was a perfect hot, sunny day – pretty impressive considering that my birthday is in February and the year before I had to spend it in 2 degree weather.

I got to travel so much in 2016. One place I went was New Orleans for Alicia’s bachelorette party. The weather left something to be desired, but I was reminded why New Orleans is one of my favorite cities.

That one time Shelby and I stayed up all night to watch the sun rise over the ocean…only to realize it was rising behind us. Then we were just lying on the beach on a bed sheet in our going-out clothes, fake eyelashes askew and lipstick smeared. I still have sand in my platforms.

We also went to a dance party at 6am on a boat in Marina Del Rey!

I visited the Arts District and took this shot of the LA skyline, which is one of my all-time favorites.

We celebrated Carolyn’s 30th birthday at Malibu Wines in style!

Shelby and I had a crazy adventure when she cut her hand open and we went to Urgent Care to get her stitches…8 hours later.

I attempted to visit the Bridge to Nowhere with Jason and Derek. We never did find the bridge, but we had the best time on a nature adventure in the mountains. My favorite moment: as we were attempting to scale some boulders above a creek, Jason said, “This would make a great countertop.”

Carolyn and I had THE best Valentine’s Day ever. We put on spooky black lace dresses, bought a bunch of flowers, and visited Westwood Village Memorial Park to put flowers on the graves of celebrities. We saw Marilyn Monroe, Truman Capote, Ray Bradbury, Natalie Wood, Farrah Fawcett…it was an all star Valentine’s Day lineup basically.

Visited the Moonlight Rollerway in Glendale AKA the premier tacky rollerskating rink in Los Angeles County.

THIS WAS THE BEST DAY! Bottomless mimomas + blunts + La Brea Tar Pits = best day ever. In this picture, we are being sucked into a tar pit, doomed to spend the rest of eternity with a distressed wooly mammoth.

I went to a Bob Ross tribute festival at Angel City Brewery, which hosted a Bob Ross lookalike contest.

Recorded with my friend Sha Sha Kimbo at Red Bull Studios. It was such a cool opportunity to go in a real, live recording studio and lay down vocal tracks!

An impromptu photo shoot on top of a Culver City parking garage led to this stunning photo.

We found a costume rental shop in Mar Vista where you can basically rent any crazy outfit, ever. I really want to organize some nights where we have themed costumes and go out on the town. Can you imagine? Astronauts? Cowgirls? Pink ladies???

A big fire in the hills created a freaky deaky smoke cloud over LA. I was almost asphyxiated (thanks asthma!) but the sun looked really cool.

Carolyn’s brother, Dave, moved to LA. He’s also into photography so it’s fun to have someone else to shoot with. We got this shot while walking around in Santa Monica.

Any trip to Malibu Seafood was good, even the time I went right after I broke my tailbone.

Jumped a fence in the Palisades to get this shot with Shelby and Dave. We got yelled at by a security guard, but hanging out over the 10 at 2 in the morning was worth it.

Went on an adventure in Silver Lake, leading to one of my favorite posts of all time: SHELBY DOES SILVER LAKE!

There was this ridiculous afternoon on the beach in July…

My aunt and uncle came to visit and we went to Malibu Wines.

Also, for living in LA, I spent a considerable amount of time with my parents, sister and Gibby (pictured above) back in Ohio. Honestly I think I spent more time at home this year than I did some years when I lived in Columbus.

And last but not least, I went to my first Pride Parade and had a fantastic time (from what I remember).

As I was going through these photos, I realized that I somehow missed posting about a lot of these experiences. I have pictures on my computer, but I’ve just never posted them. I will right this wrong! Believe in me.

For this blog, 2017 is just going to be about posting whatever I want. The blogging industry is so saturated with nonsense. I’m not even trying to make this a professional blog anymore. I don’t want to be just churning out content for the sake of content. You don’t want to read that, and I don’t want to write that. So let’s stick to sincerity and authenticity in 2017 and have a nice time!

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