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Okay, before you even start reading, open this link in another tab and hit play. Then come back and read this post with its appropriate soundtrack.

So anyways, this past weekend my friend Skittle came to visit us in Cali. She was here from Friday to Monday and it was a long, badass weekend. We started on Friday evening by having a slumber party at our Palisades Party Palace AKA the houseΒ that Carolyn is watching this summer. Carolyn’s brother, Dave, who just moved here from Denver, made whiskey sours for everyone and I made kebabs. After some drinks and food we were ready for the pool.


Shelby shows off her sick pool moves. Ironically, she can’t really swim so…


IMG_7927 copy
Carolyn made us a gorgeous s’mores plate to enjoy by the fire.
white roses

Around 2, Dave decided that he wanted to go down to some cliff he knew about to get a shot of the moon setting over the Pacific Ocean. Shelby followed him because, hey, why not? Well, the reason WHY NOT is because to get to this cliff, we had to jump over a 5-foot wall with spikes on top. And I have I ever mentioned that I am only 5 feet tall? And also have a fear of being eviscerated by fence spikes? Anyways, they eventually boosted me over the wall and we got a few semi-decent shots.

palisades cliffs at night
Looking out over the PCH, with the Santa Monica Pier in the background.
shelby scott

Unfortunately, the marine layer prevented us from seeing the moon. And a security guard yelled at us πŸ™

street in malibu california

The next day Skittle, Dave, and I went to Malibu to see Point Dume. Yeah, I take all my friends there.

point dume tide pools malibu california

And why wouldn’t I?????? It’s amazing.

tide pools at point dume malibu california point dume pacific ocean malibu california tide pools point dume malibu california point dume malibu california point dume tide pools and beach malibu california sara kittle point dume malibu malibue seafood

We went to Malibu Seafood for an unbelievable lunch.

colleen welsch sara kittle

Oh my god. We look so tired in this photo. Anyways, the gang went downtown for dinner.

girl band downtown LA
An awesome new girl band, LA Adventure Squad.
We also visited Varnish, a speakeasy downtown. When that closed at 2, we went to a party in Hollywood and stayed up all night.

happy hour akasha culver city

The next afternoon, Shelby, Skittle and I went to Culver City to cure our hangovers.

pokemon colleen welsch sara kittle culver city


On Sunday evening, we had a scary movie night. We watched Tusk, a 2014 Kevin Smith film in which Justin Long transforms into a walrus. Um, it was amazing. And so bizarre. If you’re a fan of horror comedy, I highly recommend.

gjusta smoked salmon sandwich venice beach
Smoked salmon sandwich from Gjusta.
On Monday, Skittle and I went to Venice Beach to try to fix our weird tanlines.

sara kittle venice beach california sara kittle colleen welsch venice beach california

After I dropped her off, I went home and watched 6 hours of The Office then promptly died for 12 hours.

What did you do this weekend?



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  1. Oh my gosh how gorgeous is Malibu?! I so need to visit, it looks heavenly xx

    Gemma β™‘ Miss Makeup Magpie

  2. Looks like a great time, loved your photos. Gemma x

  3. What a beautiful place!!! Looks like you had an amazing and super fun weekend πŸ™‚


    Novelstyle Blog

  4. Your photos look really lovely πŸ™‚ So jealous of your fabulous scenery, although I can’t really complain down here in the south of France!

  5. Point Dume is such a pretty spot. Looks like you guys had a ton of fun all over LA! πŸ™‚


  6. Fantastic photos! Looks like you had a great time!
    Julia x

  7. All of that food looks so good! It looks like you had a great weekend


  8. Haha, playing that YouTube video just reminded me of Space Jam! Those beach views look amazing, and it looks like you had an amazing time. Justin Long turning into a walrus sounds strange, but very intriguing at the same time.


  9. Looks like a great weekend with friends. Love the view and pictures are beautiful.

  10. Point Dume is beautiful. I would live there if it were local. Beautiful photos!


  11. This sounds like such a fun and adventurous weekend. The photos are beautiful and the pokemon one is just hilarious πŸ˜€
    Love from Boston,
    Charlotte Luisa

  12. Looks like you’re had a great time! Lusting over those beach pictures. x

    Have a nice day,

  13. These photos really make me miss California! Thanks so much for sharing.


  14. lmao after you made me play that video, all I want to do is watch Bring It On (a guilty pleasure – the first and second ones, anyway)


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