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So, in April I went to New Orleans for my best friend Alicia’s bachelorette party. I’ve already posted my classy travel photos of the trip, so now it’s time for some trashy party photos from Bourbon Street. I have like 6x more on my computer, but I am saving them for various blackmailing opportunities. #chasingthatpaper

I feel like Bourbon Street is super famous, but just in case there is someone out there reading this who isn’t familiar with U.S. geography, Bourbon Street is one of the top 10 trashiest/most fun places on Earth, located in the French Quarter in New Orleans (…in Lousiana, United States, Earth). It’s just this really old cobblestone street lined with sweating old buildings that house bars dishing out sugary grain alcohol drinks in to-go cups. Every bar has their “specialty” and they’re all revolting. But when in New Orleans, right? All of New Orleans is “open container”, meaning you can walk around with a cocktail or beer in your hand. There are frequent impromptu parades, lots of crime, and LOTS of bachelor and bachelorette parties.

On this day, we went to Tropical Isle and had some “grenades” which basically taste like a 7/11 slushie mixed with rubbing alcohol. We also went somewhere else and threw beads off the balcony to boys who showed us their boobies. It’s hard to say where that was though. It’s all blurry after that. Luckily, one of the girls was nice enough to take “Big Boy” AKA my camera back to the hotel so I didn’t destroy him (like I destroyed my liver).

Bourbon Street New Orleans Tropical Isle Girl with Flower Crown
The bride, Alicia, perfectly posing with fan wind and a grenade.
Bourbon Street New Orleans Tropical Bachelorette
Me and my buddy!
Alicia posing with an (unlit) cigarette and a cowboy hat that was eventually stolen by a male stripper.
Bourbon Street New Orleans Tropical Isle Neon Sign
The kind of randos who will buy you drinks in New Orleans and tell you about their insurance jobs while pretending they’re not married (we’re not fooled, but we’ll accept the free drinks thanks).
Bourbon Street Balcony New Orleans Bachelorette Party
We all wore flower crowns for the occasion.
Bourbon Street New Orleans Wedding Parade
A wedding party with their own parade. That’s the dream, right?
Bourbon Street New Orleans Tropical Isle Bachelorette Party
Sister sister!
Bourbon Street New Orleans Tropical Isle Live Music
Just some baby boomer musicians living the dream in a seedy Bourbon Street bar.
Bourbon Street New Orleans in the Rain
Bourbon Street after a rainstorm.
Bourbon Street New Orleans Tropical isle Green Sparkly Chair
I just felt like this was a really cool corner that could be on Tumblr. But now that I’m looking at it again…it’s just a weird chair.
Rainbow Tutu Bachelorette Party
Alicia did not like the rainbow tutu we made her wear. Luckily, she was able to pawn it off on a 7 foot tall bachelor.
Bourbon Street New Orleans Tropical Isle Girl with Cowbody Hat Bourbon Street New Orleans Tropical Isle Grenades

Bourbon Street New Orleans Bachelorette Party Bourbon Street New Orleans Tropical Isle Girls Grenades Bourbon Street New Orleans Tropical Isle Bourbon Street New Orleans Tropical Isle Girs with Flower Crowns Bourbon Street New Orleans Tropical Isle Girls Bourbon Street New Orleans Bourbon Street Balcony New Orleans Bourbon Street New Orleans Bachelorette Party Balcony New Orleans Courtyard Patio Bourbon Street Bachelorette Party New Orleans New Orleans Bachelorette Party Girl with Hat Bourbon Street New Orleans PUPPIES

It was really fun. It’s definitely one of those places that you have to go to, just to check it off your bucket list.

Have you ever been to New Orleans? Where’s your favorite place to party?



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  1. Haha, I love that you share the “trashy party” side, too. I’ve never been to New Orleans but it sure looks like a great time. It’s not a party unless there are blackmail pics by the end of the night!

    xx- Mel

  2. Elo' Cupcake

    Great pics ! I need to go there ♡

    The Little Fashionette

  3. I did not about these kind of streets :)) great photos with a lot of fun
    Thanks for sharing 😛

  4. Looks like you’ve had an absolutely lovely time, hun! Thanks for sharing the pics, you all look so beautiful and happy. 😀 <3


  5. These photos are so fun, I love them! So cute.
    xx, Lavishingg

  6. I have never been but now I really want to go! Lovely post x

    Beth Ellen |

  7. I’ve never been to new orleans and have had it on my bucket list =o) I love how you posted classy photos but also kept it real and posted some fun natural photos of your trip =o)

  8. yay!!! PARTEEEH!!! 😀

    Have a great day!
    Animated Confessions

  9. Loving all of these photos so much and “THE KIND OF RANDOS WHO WILL BUY YOU DRINKS IN NEW ORLEANS AND TELL YOU ABOUT THEIR INSURANCE JOBS WHILE PRETENDING THEY’RE NOT MARRIED (WE’RE NOT FOOLED, BUT WE’LL ACCEPT THE FREE DRINKS THANKS).” I literally died laughing at this comment. Looking like you guys had an amazing time, congrats to the bride-to-be too! Never been to New Orleans but these photos really make me want to go!

    Rae | Love from Berlin

  10. I’d really love to visit New Orleans one day. Looks like you had so much fun!


  11. Great post!! Looks like you had a really fun time!
    I have always wanted to visit New Orleans!
    Julia x

  12. How awesome!!! Looks like you had tons of fun!
    I really want to visit New Orleans 🙂


    Novelstyle Blog

  13. Yes to good times 🙂 This post was too funny!!!

  14. Looks like a fun time, great pics! Gemma x

  15. Your photos are amazing! I love the architecture, so different from the pubs & bars in the UK. It looks like you all had a brilliant time & I love the photo with the dogs, what’s the story behind them? Xx

    Tania | When Tania Talks

  16. Now New Orleans is definitely on my bucket list! Thanks for sharing babe. x

    Have a nice week,

  17. It sounds like a really fun evening!

  18. Looks like fun! I love the flower crowns. Great photos!

  19. I love Nola, it looks like you guys had great time

  20. I love NOLA! It is absolutely an awesome quirky classy special place and your photos capture the fun. Makes me want to plan a trip! Great post,


  21. Glad you had a good time. Personally, Bourbon Street isn’t for me. It reminds me of clubs and I hate the club these days lmao. Gone are the days when I liked such things at the age of 19.

    Did you end up eating anything I suggested on Twitter? I don’t remember seeing lmao.

  22. It looks like you had the most amazing time ever, I’ve never visited New Orleans, usually when I travel to the US I only stay at California, Florida and sometimes I visit Las Vegas, but for sure this will be in my list the next time I go! Your photography is amazing as well!

  23. It looks like you had an amazing time! I love the animated gifs!
    Food and drinks there are so good. I love Cafe du Monde there. Best beignets hands down.


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