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Sarah Burton and co. is really killing the detail game in the Alexander McQueen Resort 2017 collection. Using cutting edge techniques and fabrications, they’ve created some garments that you really want to just get up in there and stick your face in. You literally can’t zoom in far enough on these images to see all that lovely detail. Everything is kind of tricky. Like what looks like a satin brocade is actually hand-painted leather. And that beautiful lace dress? That’s a knit. I’m also loving the dress that looks like a vintage jewelry display at a garage sale.

Another thing I like about this collection is while there are some “ethnic” influences, I don’t believe that there is any cultural appropriation going on. The chinoserie patterns are more reminiscent of old Chinese-inspired wallpaper than the real deal. In the same way, the knit ruffled dresses look like a high-fashion reinterpretation of an imitation of traditional Spanish-influenced garments.

What I love most about the Alexander McQueen Resort 2017 collection is the embroidery. Two of the dresses are white and black interpretations of the same symmetrical embroidered pattern on mesh and it is gorrrrrrrrrrgeous. I’ll take the white one to be married in and the black on to be buried in, please.

Alexander McQueen Resort 2017 | Alexander McQueen Resort 2017 4 Alexander McQueen Resort 2017 14

Alexander McQueen Resort 2017 13 Alexander McQueen Resort 2017 12 Alexander McQueen Resort 2017 11 Alexander McQueen Resort 2017 10 Alexander McQueen Resort 2017 9 Alexander McQueen Resort 2017 8 Alexander McQueen Resort 2017 7

Alexander McQueen Resort 2017 | Alexander McQueen Resort 2017 6 Alexander McQueen Resort 2017 5 Alexander McQueen Resort 2017 2

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  1. That detail is crazy! Such a beautiful collection, I can’t get over all these pieces. Love love love.

    Kathryn • The Fashionography

  2. This is jaw-dropping, stunning fashion. Beautiful, colorful, artsy and bold. I had to scroll back through this post very slowly to take a second look at each dress and all the nuances and accessories. I just needed to breath it all in. GORGEOUS.

  3. Jaw dropping and so stunning. That first dress!

  4. What an amazing post – loved everything about it! I’d love for you to check out my latest

    post on time management tips for Girl Bosses!

    xo Annie

  5. I love these colors! STUNNING!

  6. Wow! This collection is breathtaking! I want all of these items!


  7. Oh Wow… These outfits are artwork. I absolutely love them.

  8. I’m obsessed with this collection. The ruffle, embroidery, knits and patterns are so masterfully put together. I mean, only a genius designer like Sarah can pull this off. So incredible. Love!


  9. It’s hard to pick a favorite because all of these are amazing! The attention to detail is phenomenal!
    An Unblurred Lady

  10. Another amazing collection from Alexander McQueen! the detail is insane!!!!

  11. The designs are gorgeous! How amazing to wear one of these outfits for a special event.


  12. What an interesting collection! Very vibrant!

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