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Welcome to the new! For you technical/internet type people, I finally moved to a self-hosted WordPress blog. For everyone else, just know that this is a much fancier site that my old one because I am SERIOUS about blogging and content creation.

I wrote at COOCOO FOR COCO for over six years. When I started, I was just rambling on and on about Paul Simon and my love of 80’s fashion. I’ve learned a lot since then and I even now have a career working on websites. I may have upgraded my equipment and changed locations, but in many ways, I’m still the same girl sitting in her room, sharing weird music and pictures from the weekend.

Why I Decided to Abandon the Name COOCOO FOR COCO

  1. That’s not how you spell “cuckoo”.
  2. Someone else already owns the domains and She hasn’t updated her blog for years and I tried to contact her but I never heard back.
  3. “Coco” has taken on a more, let’s just say, drug-related connotation since 2009.

Why I Changed My Blog to

I already owned this domain name and I wasn’t doing anything with it.

Well, that’s my name, isn’t it?

What’s Going to Happen at

The topics covered on this blog won’t be any different from COOCOO FOR COCO. I’ll still be showing pictures of weekend adventures, providing tips on LA, sharing new music, and talking about fashion and beauty. My interests are varied, so my blog will be varied. Maybe I’ll even toss in a book review. I just don’t know. Let’s go forth and find out, shall we?


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  1. Congratz on the new change c: I changed my blog URL name too just in march. I feel so much relieved and have a sense of direction now where i’m heading compared to before.

  2. I have considered changing blogging platforms but I have become comfortable with the format I use now even though it has some disadvantages (like me not owning my domain name). Do you like wordpress so far?

  3. Now that’s some nice change, congrats I guess and good luck 🙂

  4. You did a great job switching… sometimes we need to move on to greater things and you did, bravo!
    Its very refreshing!

  5. I happened to find your blog while reading through the comments on Corals and Cognacs (the post was from 2015). Your comment made me want to check out your content. Congrats on using your domain name for your official blog! I just started out as a lifestyle blogger and I wanted to say a quick hello!
    PS- love the vibe of your blog!


  6. Yay! Congrats Colleen! I miss you so much! I can’t wait to see what this new blog has got in store <3

  7. YAY YOU’RE OFFICIALLY A BLOGGER!! And I’m excited for bookish posts!

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