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I’m not sure that I’ve mentioned this or not, but I’m friends with Emmy from Oui Emmy. We followed each other’s blogs for a while, then we I saw she was moving to LA I emailed her and was like “sup girl wanna get some pizza?” And we’ve been friends ever since.


Anyways, on Saturday Emmy and I thought we would have a nice chill day at the beach since it was like 85 and sunny. Thank you, our Lady of Los Angeles Weather for giving us such wonderful days in late November.


We had lunch, took some pictures of some stuff (for our instagrams of course!), and then hit the beach for nap time.




It was a perfect day. Or so we thought…



I just would like to once again emphasize HOW CHILL. So we pack up our stuff to leave and this happens right in front of us:



This boat caught on fire in front of us, 200 feet off the beach. It was insane! In this picture, you can see the poor people standing at the front of the boat, waiting for the rescuers on the left to arrive. We were like, “Why don’t they just get in the water??” Turns out they had a 4 month old baby with them. Can you imagine??? Luckily, everyone was alright.



And you know everyone on the beach was snapping this and taking pictures. Hell, I had out my DSLR. I feel kind of bad for taking pictures of their misfortune, but also that’s really not something you see every day. I mean, look at all that smoke! I haven’t seen a smoke cloud that big since the Pallet Factory Fire in Columbus this past spring.


Also, I just want to not that that couple on the left watched the fire for a while, and then the guy said, “I’m hungry. Want to get something to eat?” And she said yes and they just walked away. Not a word about the fire.


Oh, LA.



But who am I kidding? We went to get drinks and nachos right after too. Another crazy day in LA!



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  2. The accident we didn't know how and when it happens 🙁
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  3. OMG! i think that is an accident from the middle of the sea.
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  4. Oh my gosh that fire is INSANE! Quite the ending to a beautiful day. I still haven't made it to Venice despite living in LA for a couple of years. Your photos reminded me that I need to get down there!

  5. Wow that is mad! you look beautiful though x

  6. That fire is crazy! I'm so glad everyone is okay! Jeez. I'm happy you made it to the beach though. I wouldn't feel too bad for taking pics, especially if you're standing somewhere where you can't offer any direct help. Who knows, your pics might end up being highly useful in an investigation or something. And if I survived that, I would probably want pics of it. 🙂

  7. That's terrible and can't believe you guys witnessed that! Thank goodness nothing happened though especially to the baby!

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  8. What a disaster. I can't believe you witnessed that.

  9. I've never seen this happen before, glad that everyone are fine!


  10. Luckily nothing happened to anyone … what a mess !!!
    The photos are beautiful, have very good quality.
    a kiss.

  11. OMG! So glad you are OK! I can't believe the boat just went on fire like that! SO crazy! Prayers are going out the ones who were on the boat!
    Much love,
    xoxo, Vanessa

  12. Oh my gosh! That's insane! I'm glad everybody on the boat was doing just fine, and that you and Emmy still enjoyed your day.

    Sweet Helen Grace

  13. whoa crazy! Glad everyone is okie though
    Pam xo/ Pam Scalfi♥

  14. Insane!! I've never seen that happen before!
    xx Alyssa

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