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About a month ago, Solvaderm sent me a sample of their Stemuderm Anti-Wrinkle Dermatological Treatment to test and review for all you fine readers. I’ve been using it for a month, and the results are pretty fantastic. Like, Benjamin-Button/aging-in-reverse fantastic.



What is Stemuderm?

  •  Stemuderm is anti-aging moisturizing cream that promotes youthfulness by:
  • Boosting collagen and elastin production
  • Reducing volume and depth of wrinkles and fine lines
  • Most importantly, Stemuderm targets facial muscles to keep them more relaxed, preventing repetitive movements that stress out your skin. For example, if you furrow your brows a lot, you’re likely to get wrinkles in between your eyebrows. Or if you scream a lot, you’ll get scream lines 😉


Using Stemuderm

Stemuderm comes in a glass tube with a pump that feels very fancy. The product is creamy with no smell whatsoever. It doesn’t make my skin feel greasy or sticky. I usually apply it in the morning when I get out of the shower, and then apply sunscreen on top.


My Stemuderm Results

 Okay you guys, this is the crazy thing. This stuff REALLY WORKS. I swear to God, I look three years younger than I looked one year ago. I was growing a big old furrow between my brows, but it’s completely disappeared. Granted, it could also be because I’ve moved to California and can hang out on the beach whenever I want, but I think this stuff
is the real deal. I am literally pulling a Benjamin Button. I haven’t even been wearing foundation lately because my skin’s tone and texture are so even.

Solvaderm Stemuderm sells for $79.99 on their website.

If you’re interested in learning more about Solvaderm products, I’ve also reviewed their Ace-Ferulic Rejuvenation Serum which you can read about here.

What’s your favorite anti-aging skincare product? Let me know in the comments!

This post was sponsored by Solvaderm via Brandbacker, but all opinions are my own 😉


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  1. looked amazing and loved really
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  3. You certainly do have very good skin – I can't imagine you'd need any wrinkle-treatments at the age of twenty-six!! I hear what you're saying though, my smile lines are going to be deeper than the grand canyon at this rate haha!

    Gabrielle | A Glass Of Ice

  4. Wow, it looks like a great product.

    Chaste & Beautiful

  5. sounds amazing ! I am just in a search for soem cream and this one looks promising 🙂

  6. You really know how to promote a product! Looks like a great anti-aging moisturizer and I am definitely curious about trying it out! Great blog post lady.

    XO, Jessi

  7. This seems cool! Can't wait to try it!

    Je M'appelle Chanel

  8. I've never seen this brand before but glad you've gotten on well with it! By the way, you are utterly adorable!

    Musings & More

  9. This seems such a great product, good to know that it actually works!

  10. Your skin is gorgeous! I need to get my hands on this.

    Jenn | Jennifer Jayne

  11. Love your teint too, Colleen! Anti-wrinkle sounds already pretty good and the comparison with Benjamin Button is such a great example! 😉 Happy Sunday!

    xoxo Ira

  12. you have such a pretty skin!! I bet this is a good product, you have fantastic glow, please don ever wear make up , really your skin is perfect! Have a great weekend.
    Glamoury Armory Blog

  13. wow you look so flawless this product sound pretty amazing!I have never tried any anti-aging skincare product.
    happy weekends!!


  14. You have the most amazing skin I swear, I definitely need this as my skin is so tired and old before its time xx

  15. This product sounds absolutely amazing, I definitely need to try it!! Thank you for sharing.


  16. Aw you're so pretty! I seriously could do with some of this for my forehead. I'm sure I don't frown that often but I have some frown lines appearing. Maybe it's from when I have to squint at the tv haha. I don't know if I could use it all over though as I don't want to look any younger. Everyone seems to think I'm still a school kid haha.

  17. This product sounds amazing! I'll have to try it out 🙂 xx

  18. haha love the ben referece, this stuff sounds seriously amazing! Pricey but the results are very clear!

    Pam xo/ Pam Scalfi♥

  19. WAIT. YOU'RE NOT WEARING FOUNDATION?! Your skin is incredible! Oh my gosh, your skin looks amazing! Wow! Now, I have to try Stemuderm! Woooaaah!

    xx Bash | Hey Bash | bloglovin'

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