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Hello buddies! Coming at you from my couch in my sublet apartment in Los Angeles! I literally can’t believe that it’s been a week since I posted anything. Carolyn and I moved into our sublet apartment on Wednesday and we’ve been spending a lot of time cleaning. It’s nice to finally have my own bedroom after crashing on my cousin’s couch for a week and a half and sharing hotel rooms with my mom for the week before that. Not that that was bad, but sometimes a girl has just got to be alone, ya know? Of course, the bedroom I am staying in belongs to a 5-year-old girl, so I’m sleeping on a twin bed and looking up at glow in the dark stars on the ceiling. It’s pretty magical.

On Friday, Carolyn and I hiked Temescal Canyon with her mom.

After hiking, we drove to Hidden Treasures in Topanga Canyon, which is a really cool vintage clothing shop. Carolyn bought this really cool mirror she’s had her eye on since January, and I got a pair of “party glasses” (image coming!).

In the evening, we drove down to Venice Beach for their “First Fridays” at Abbot Kinney. It’s a really cool event they do the first Friday of every month, where the shops stay open late and there’s a bunch of food trucks. 

Vnyl, a record subscription service, was throwing a little party with some awesome jams.

On the Fourth of July, Carolyn and I went to a barbecue in Silver Lake. Everyone was literally so nice and weirdly from Ohio.

Trinity, the hostess of the party, makes cosplay items and sells them on her Etsy shop, Merchant Heroes. She had on this Imperator Furiosa arm and I guess I was really drunk because I thought that it was actually a prosthetic arm and I asked her about it. Awkward…

Then when I got home, sloshed, I watched Bojack Horseman and took a bunch of pictures of this plant in our apartment.
Basically it was a really fun weekend! I’m really loving Los Angeles so far and I hope you guys like reading about it also!


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  1. Nice post

  2. Love seeing all your photos about "life" always looks like you raving fun!


  3. Oh I hate that part about moving! Having to spend a week or so just cleaning and getting the rooms ready! When we moved out of our SF apartment, it felt like a two week process! Hopefully the move in process will be quicker 🙂

    Ginger Side of Life

  4. are you kidding?! We loooove reading about your LA's adventures. The pics say it all, beautiful place to live 🙂

    Pam xo/ Pam Scalfi♥

  5. Dude, your pics look so lively and fun! I liked that you snapped a bunch of photos of that plant when you got home XD.

    V jealous of the sun and plants surrounding you in LA!

  6. Hello,

    Beautiful pics ! 😀

    Sarah, http://sarahmodeee.blogspot.fr/

  7. OMG you sound like SO much fun haha!


  8. Looks like so much fun! Great photos!


  9. Hi love! I hope you had a great weekend! Such a cute post!
    Sending you much love & I hope your Monday is as marvelous like you!!!
    xoxo, Vanessa

  10. Hidden Treasure looks to have some really cool things! I loved reading the "what I did this weekend" post as always 🙂 I guess living in LA is just amazing!


  11. Awesome! Hope you have a lovely day.

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  12. Yaaaaaaay! You're in LA! That's so exciting! It looks like you had a fab weekend though, that Imperator Furiosa arm is AWESOME

    xx Bash | Bash Says Hey | bloglovin'

  13. Wow your pictures are FABULOUS! What a wonderful weekend you had!

    Sharing Good Vibes From Paris!
    http://www.wandererviolet.com ~e-shop soon~

  14. Hidden Treasures looks like my kinda place! HOOOOLY CRAP why did I have to click on the link for Trinity's shop? I want to cosplay as Furiosa so bad since I watched MMFR, and the goggles. I need the goggles.

    Looks like you've been having a really fun time! (And glow in the dark stars on the ceiling will ALWAYS be awesome).

    Meg | A Little Twist Of…

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