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I had this like crazy series of unfortunate events on Saturday. I woke up to a DJ blaring Black Eyed Peas at 7am, and I remembered that the Columbus Marathon was happening on High Street super close to my house. Exhausted, I started getting ready for my day. I was supposed to be at my friend’s house at 10 to set up for a bridal shower. I was almost ready when I realized, oh my god, I left my car at my other friend’s house on the other side of German Village. So, whatever, I thought. I’ll ride my bike around the marathon over to her place. Then I realized my garage door opener was in my car, so I would have to take my bike out the back door, through the narrow walkway between the garage and the fence. Well, the walkway was blocked with a completely immovable garbage can filled with plaster (why, landlord, why?!). Frustrated, I put on sneakers and started walking. The marathon literally went all around the village. If I walked around it, it would take over an hour and I was already twenty minutes late. So there was one answer:

I had to run THROUGH the marathon. 

So yeah, cutting through the marathon in two places is probably the closest I’ll ever get to running in a race and I’m okay with that. At least I got these shots of German Village in springtime while I was walking to my car.

spring flowers german village columbus ohio

spring flowers german village columbus ohio

columbus marathon german village

stray cat german village columbus ohio

I told you guys about those feral cats…

spring flowers german village columbus ohio

german village columbus ohio

flowers german village columbus ohio

spring german village columbus ohio

spring german village columbus ohio

spring german village columbus ohio

spring german village columbus ohio

For comparison’s sake, check out my shots of German Village in winter here and here! Ugh, I can hardly look at those. I’m pretty sure I have PTSD from all the snow.

What’s your neighborhood like in the spring?


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  1. Gosh, the German Village looks beautiful! I love your photos, oh my goodness!

    xx Bash | Bash Says Hey | bloglovin'

  2. Lovely pictures! Sounds like the most epic adventure to move a car ever!! xx

    ☾ Liquorice Pearls ☾

  3. Gorgeous pictures 🙂

    Natalie Ann xo // Petal Poppet Blogs ♥

  4. <3333 such great post!

    love it

    Karolina Gerspucci

  5. Such beautiful photos, very impressive.

  6. what a stark comparison, its much much prettier in the spring. ALL THE FLORALS


  7. hahah black eyed peas at 7am, that must be horrible. but I'm sure these signs of spring totally made up for it


  8. These pictures are amazing! Funny how a series of unfortunate events can sometimes lead to the best adventures!

    <3 Haley @ http://www.beautyinthischaos.com

  9. Gorgeous photos! My neighborhood looks quite similar to this with all the flowery trees!

    Christine | DimesandDonuts.com

  10. So funny that you ended up running through the marathon! Love it! Lovely pictures again as always

    Laura (Smile At Style) xx

  11. It's funny how unfortunate events can all come at once. Beautiful photos though, looks gorgeous there!


  12. You live in an amazing place! It must have been fun seeing the marathon though. I'd love to do one on day, I'm running a half on Sunday 🙂

    Corinne x

  13. HAHA OMG you are crazy, the flowers look so gorgeous I wish it looked like that round here, it's far too built up for any of that! That cat looks SO angry btw 😉 xx

  14. Gorg neighborhood. I live in one that has tons of old people but generally pretty. I like to go to the park for the real scenery! X, j


  15. That looks like a super cute neighborhood!

  16. Beautiful pictures 🙂

    Bisous from France,


  17. Absolutely love your photos – so many blossoms x

    Jana // Life of Jana

  18. These photos are stunning! And I'm sorry it was such a rough day, when that happens I normally just give up and call an uber haha!



  19. These photos are stunning! And I'm sorry it was such a rough day, when that happens I normally just give up and call an uber haha!



  20. Love little adventures like that!!! Beautiful pics and that cat cracks me up! Hope you're having an amazing Wednesday!! xo


  21. Gorgeous, as always, love! Love those blooms!!I love stopping by and get inspired!
    Sending you much love!!!
    xoxo, Vanessa

  22. Wow, I would have never guessed this to be in American. So pretty! Sounds like a hectic day. xx


  23. Wow, it looks so pretty! I love all of those blooms!
    Melanie @ meandmr.com

  24. That cat.. FIERCE!

  25. hey, at least you had some beautiful scenery to look at as you were walking to your car!! love these photos

  26. That sounds like quite an adventure you were having! Good thing you stayed pretty calm, I probably would have lost it! Loving all these photos so much!

    Denise | Fashion Love Letters

  27. What an adventure, haha! You sounds like you stayed pretty calm 🙂 the blossom is just coming out here, looks beautiful! x

    Hannah x | hannatalks

  28. Love the pictures. ♥
    The flowers are so beautiful. I'm totally in love with spring. 🙂

    Greetings from Germany ☼
    from SellysSecrets

  29. Absolutely gorgeous photos! My neighborhood is okay-ish during spring, there's just not a lot of trees that can be found around here haha.

    XO Naomi in Wonderland

  30. Love the pictures and that cat looks a bit angry!


  31. such beautiful flowers and "feral cats" hahaha that kitty so so cute! 🙂 your pics are always on point!

    Pam Scalfi♥

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