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Rihanna via Elle; California sunset via Tumblr
The other day, I spent a few hours reorganizing my Pinterest boards. I tried to create boards that were both aesthetically pleasing for visitors and actually useful to me. A few changes I’ve made:

Combined wishlists – I used to make a new wishlist for every season. While it was fun to look at and see how my style had developed over time, I realized that the 6 wishlists jamming up my boards were probably not that interesting to outsiders. 

Created a board for my blog pictures – I know a lot of bloggers receive tons of traffic from Pinterest. I receive precisely 0 hits from Pinterest because I never pin my own stuff! I am resolving to pin my own pictures more often in hopes that it will create a little additional traffic for my blog. 

Split out huge boards – I made separate boards for “hair” and “beauty”, as well as “cocktails” and “food.” I had A LOT of stuff in those combined boards, and I couldn’t ever find that recipes or hair inspiration that I wanted! So awkward when you’re at the hair dresser or liquor store scrolling through your phone…

Created a “fitness” board – Wishful thinking!

Here’s a few of my favorite pins lately…

Marble nails; Tropical prints via Around Lucia
Pink dinosaur sweatshirt via Etsy; Bee tattoo via Remain Simple

Palm Springs home via Studio DIY; Martial Raysee Neon Art via Galerie de France

Anyhow, do have looksy at my revamped Pinterest! My handle is @ColleenWelsch. Let me know yours in the comments! I need more people to follow.


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  1. I really need to pin my own stuff more often haha. I've started a DIY board for when I move house and need to do some affordable house décor, but other than that I tend to browse more than pin. Love all of these ones you've picked 🙂

    India | Touchscreens & Beautyqueens

  2. <333 such interesting post

    love it

    Karolina Gerspucci

  3. The dinosaur sweatshirt…. and Rihanna(!) love this post! I need to invest way more time into Pinterest, this just gave me the right amount of inspiration to start revamping soon.

    XO Naomi in Wonderland

  4. Now that you mention it, I should probably do the same. I know my food + drink board must be teeming with copious pins.


  5. Coincidently I was just thinking about overhauling my social media accounts… they play such a big role in blogging and traffic but it's always hard for me to decide whether or not to completely separate them from my personal ones.
    I love what you've done with your Pinterest though, very organized and co-hesive…
    My username is
    C O C O N I C O L E ❤ Fashion Lifestyle & Design

  6. Your style on Pinterest seems really tight, good going! I would also suggest making your own branded board covers to tie it all together even more. =]

  7. great inspo! love that bee tattoo!

    Animated Confessions

  8. I must have that pink dinosaur sweatshirt! It's adorable! Honestly, I have a pinterest but I find it soo confusing to use! Hahha

    xx Bash | Bash Says Hey | bloglovin'

  9. I am completely obsessed with Pinterest, I think I'm addicted to it haha! 😀

    Rebecca Coco

  10. I love these pins. Way to utilize Pinterest for your blog! That's something I'm still trying to master.

    Great post!
    xo Jillian

  11. Thanks for the tips!! I recently created board of my own!! Xoxo

    Check out my new post

  12. I love pinterest! awesome post 🙂

    (IG: @TheStardustBohemian)

  13. I love Pinterest! But I only allow myself to go on when I'm finished with all of my work because I know I'll never get anything done!

  14. The marble nails are so pretty! I need to reorganize my Pinterest boards…

  15. LOVE these pins. I am also trying to get more into pinterest both for personal use as well as to share my blog content. So far, it's a bit slow going, but I am going to keep at it. Good luck with your blog board as well!

    Rae | love from berlin

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