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Today it occurred to me that I haven’t posted anything beauty-related in forever. Let me give you a little update on what I’ve been using on my skin & hair because I feel like these things are actually going well for me. My personal life might be in shambles, but my hair is looking pretty rad these days.
I’m totally over coconut oil for the face. It’s too oily for day time, and it rubs off too easily at night. I’m all about rosehip oil for daytime now. My mom actually recommended it to me in the spring when I was having a freaky-deaky eczema outbreak. It’s great for my sensitive skin and it also gives me a nice glow. I’ve also read that it’s good for acne. Currently I’m using an organic rosehip oil from Berrybrook Farm which I would NOT recommend. It smells SO BAD. It literally smells like a roadkill raccoon in a dumpster behind a Chinese restaurant, doused in gasoline on a 90 degree day. The smells wears off after I put on my make-up but DAMN. I can’t wait to use up this bottle. Get this one instead. The geranium seems to cover up that nasty rosehip seed scent.
At night I’m using straight vitamin E oil. It’s SO STICKY and thick but it really stays on your face all night. When I use this, I don’t wake up with dry patches and flakes on my face. Plus I feel like it really speeds up healing time for acne scars. Sometimes I’ll put it on my face as a mask if I have a hangover and my skin is all dehydrated. This Jason bottle is like $6 at Kroger GET IT.
I also use Clearasil Rapid Action Daily Face Wash. It seems to prevent breakouts and I have a theory that the salicylic acid in it dissolves my dry skin flakes. It’s kind of a chemical exfoliant if you know what I mean. I find physical exfoliants too harsh on my skin, so even though I don’t really have acne I like this a lot.
I bought these travel-sized Living Proof Perfect Hair Day Shampoo and Conditioner and it has CHANGED MY LIFE. This shit is amazing. I have color-treated, hella damaged, fine, frizzy hair that gets unbearably oily within 24 hours of washing. I pretty much have the worst hair ever. But this stuff makes it all better. My hair looks thicker and healthier and it seems to stay cleaner longer. I’m talking like 36 hours of cleanliness instead of 24, but beggars can’t be choosers.
I wash my hair around two times a week, and every other time I use this Neutrogena Triple Moisture hair mask. If you’re in the market for a drugstore deep conditioner, this is a pretty good one.
I usually let my hair air dry, then on the second day I’ll curl it with a curling wand and Not Your Mother’s Beat the Heat Thermal Shield Spray. I do not like this stuff. It does seem to protect my hair, but it smells terrible and it’s so sticky. I wash my hands after I do my hair but I can still feel this nasty residue on my hands all through my commute to work. It’s so gross. I am definitely on the lookout for something new.
I’ve been using the Suave dry shampoo for years and years. It’s like $3, and as I’ve mentioned, my scalp gets oily very quickly so I go through a bottle every week. I kind of want to try something nicer though. Like, if I spend more money, maybe it will last longer than a day?
I got this Soap & Glory bubble bath/body wash from a sample sale a year or two ago. I like it. It smells nice and it seems like my skin has been less itchy since I started using it. I’ve never tried to use it as a bubble bath. I’m just not a bath kind of girl. 
I also got this Keeki Pink Lemonade body lotion from a sample sale. It’s touted as all-natural and all that stuff, but frankly it smells like Pixi sticks and I’m really not into it. The formula is light and it would be nice for summer in a different scent.
So that’s what happening in these parts. What are you using these days? I’m always down to hear recommendations!
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  1. I've been using a Palmolive coconut shampoo and conditioner which oddly smells like strawberries and a purple soap that supposedly fades scars. I do recommend the shampoo though! It really moisturizes my hair. 🙂

    – Jannette | MERESSE

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