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Brrrrrrrrr! It’s so cold! Does anyone else feel like it went from being summer to winter within the course of one thunderstorm? Thanks, Ohio.
Anyhow, I had a pretty good weekend. On Friday night I watched “scary” movies with my friends and ate tons of snacks (pictured above). We watched Cemetary Man, starring the British dude from My Best Friend’s Wedding. It made absolutely no sense but it had something for everyone: a motorcycle flying out of a grave, boobs, a twist ending, etc. We also watched Creepshow, a 1980’s interpretation of some of Stephen King’s short stories. 
I really like my friend’s dog, as you can probably tell by the 15,000 pictures I’ve posted of her. 
On Saturday night I went to Matt the Miller’s Tavern and ordered the shrimp and grits – DAYUM! It was so gooey and cheesy – I totally recommend. My friends and I actually ordered a bottle of wine like real grown ups – check that off the bucket list!
Afterwards we went to Brothers Drake, a mead bar in the Short North. I didn’t get any good pictures because it was literally packed wall to wall.
On Sunday, I went to Yellow Springs, which is a cute little hippie town in Western Ohio and the home of comedian Dave Chappelle. There’s a downtown area and lots of pretty parks to explore.
There’s also a bride mannequin in an alley so…
We had to.
For lunch we went to Ye Olde Trail Tavern, which is apparently the oldest bar in Ohio. I was totally disappointed because their website promises all you can eat spaghetti Thursday-Sunday, but when we got there apparently it’s now only Thursday-Saturday. Update your website, people. That’s false advertisement. Anyhow, I got a cheeseburger and it was pretty okay.
But I wanted spaghetti.
After lunch we went hiking in Glen Helen Nature Preserve to see the springs for Yellow Springs is named. GUESS WHAT. They were orange, not yellow. What’s up with this place and false advertising?!
And we didn’t even see Dave Chappelle!

Oh well. Here’s a bonus picture of a puppy!
PS Thank you for all your comments and everyone who has followed me! I am working on responding to your comments and following you all back today.
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  1. aw I it looks fun… with delicious food


  2. Looks like a fun weekend!

    – Keyta


  3. ah the food looks so good! what a cute puppy 🙂

  4. Lovely shots and love your blog! Xx


  5. A lovely collection of photos 🙂 The random bride mannequin made me laugh!

    Jenna || Jennafifi.co.uk

  6. That burger meal looks sooo good!

  7. Looks like you had a lovely weekend! That food looks delicious <3 xoxo

    ♡Kudzai || NEWKIDBLOGS

  8. The food looks delicious – and that park looks absolutely beautiful! Looks like you had a great time x


  9. you're making me miss fall.. but only kinda

  10. What a fun weekend! I am from Columbus, but have never been to Brother Drake, or ventured to Yellow Springs.. Too bad you didn't run into Dave Chappelle!

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