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I have recently decided to actually decorate my apartment instead of just squatting here. I mean, I do pay rent after all. I might as well TRY to make it look nice. 
I have these huge blank walls in my bedroom and I thought, what would be better than a tapestry from Urban Outfitters? I went on their website and found this gem of a wall covering and absolutely fell in love. It fits so well with my green & brass thing I have going on in my bedroom right now, plus, SPACE!!!!!

But of course, with my luck, it’s backordered until October 27th. OCTOBER 27TH?! Are you kidding me? Why is this even on your site, Urban Outfitters? Why would you tempt me like that?

Well, Mom, I guess you know what you can get me for Christmas now. Ugh.

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  1. oh wow i had no idea they carried tapestries

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