The Most Important 90’s Fashion Moments from The Parent Trap

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Ah yes, the 1998 version of The Parent Trap. I’ve wasted many an afternoon watching this movie, for as well all know, this movie is about 5 hours long. It’s totally adorable and introduced the world to Lindsay Lohan, America’s redheaded step child. Lately I’ve been thinking about this movie a lot in terms of the particular brands of 90’s styles that it represents. Normcore, minimalist, matching sets, and sporty trends are all shown in their original form. This movie features also not one, not two, but FIVE denim shirts. What other information do you need that this movie is a retro fashion goldmine? I’ve included my favorite looks below.

I love Annie’s perfectly polished suit sets accessorized with matching headbands. She’s like a baby British Cher Horowitz. 

Hallie, in contrast, is a totally cool American girl, as represented by her denim jacket and sunglasses on her head.
This scene basically taught me how to be a cool girl: wear jackets & sunglasses indoors and kick ass at poker.
I have yet to master the second one.

Later in the movie, we get to see wedding dresses designed my the girls’ mom, played by Natasha Richardson (RIP).  I love this dress with the simple thin jersey top and poofy bottom.

However, I could pass on both of these looks. Nice top hat.

Dennis Quaid in quintessential 90’s dad gear, the heart of the normcore trend.

MY GOD this outfit is so amazing. That hat, that white dress with a keyhole neckline, the matching red lips and nails, the gold jewelry! This is everything I thought a glamorous woman should be when I was 9.

Lindsay Lohan, dressed as a baby British Blair Waldorf, tries her first sip of alcohol. If we had only known…


This little yellow outfit is adorable. The headband matches the skirt, and please note that ridiculously cute yellow rucksack. UGH. I love it.

I think the square neckline is ripe for a comeback…

…particularly on dresses with sexy backs.

Clever symbolism here, get it? The evil girlfriend is in all black and the angelic ex-wife is in white. But in all fairness, this outfit is totally chic and gorgeous. Natasha Richardson doesn’t need a backless dress to look beautiful.

Round sunglasses? So hot right now.

This look was everything to me when I was 9. This lavender dress has a mandarin collar and she’s wearing it with a pink furry purse and chopsticks in her hair. I’m not sure why I thought this was so unbelievably cool in fourth grade, but I bought a dress just like this and wore it to a band concert. I thought I was hot stuff.

This is truly my favorite outfit in the movie. This little matching Adidas athletic get-up just screams “sporty goth” to me. 

Obviously you should always bring your Prada mini backpack when hiking.


Last but not least is Natasha Richardson’s wedding dress with white mesh sleeves. I WANT THIS.
Basically 2014 fashion in a nutshell, right? I’m out now. I’ve got to thrown on a denim shirt and try to find a Dennis Quaid-like dude with a vineyard.
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  1. Everything about this is perfect. My absolute favorite movie back in the day, and now my favorite style inspiration. Those red lips are everything

  2. I love this! That white dress, red lippy and black hat combo is everything that my sophisticated hopes are made of!

  3. I love all of it! I always was a fan of matching sets, and I really do hope the square neckline comes back – I think it's so elegant!

    Z. | J. POTTER

  4. this movie is so underrated. i LOVE it. the fashion is pretty great

  5. I love this! I hope you'll do more fashion reviews of movies. I actually don't think I've seen this version of the parent trap. I'm a sucker for the Hayley Mills original.


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