Blog Resurrection!

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I am in the process of resurrecting, revitalizing, and re-branding this blog. For three years, I used this space to record events in my life and express my interests in fashion, music, and food while I was attending college. When I graduated from college, I was lucky enough to immediately find full-time work in my field, but I made the decision to focus on my career full-time and forget about my college blogging obsession.
Now I’m back. I have realized two things:
a) Blogging can be a totally rewarding and valuable asset in my career, particularly because I work in the fashion e-commerce field. I mean, duh, right?
b) I still love reading blogs daily and my thoughts often take the form of blog articles anyhow. I have so many things I want to share that I think I am physically unable to abstain from blogging any longer!
This blog will now be focused on fashion, interior design, and food, all with a personal finance twist. Like many people my age, I am living on a strict budget. Although I have (ridiculous) rent, (obscene) bills, and (astronomical) student loans to pay, I still want to live the good life. I guess I have caviar tastes and a canned tuna budget, but I believe these things can be rectified. 
It’s a big puzzle I’m trying to figure out and I hope you’ll join me on that journey!
I will be updating again soon, but until then you can find me on Twitter and Instagram.
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