Where I Have Been

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I’m not going to make apologies for my almost four month hiatus because I don’t believe in nonsense like that. I am, however, going to give you an update on my life.
1) I graduate in one week
2) I have a third and final interview with a very awesome clothing company next week
3) I may have finally gained control over my hair
4) Santa is coming!
It’s all happening!
I’m really looking forward to blogging more now that school is over. It’s so annoying to come home from a hard day at work, and instead of relaxing or enjoying a hobby, you have to slave over homework all evening. I’m so glad that’s all over now! I am also looking forward to having moneys to spend on new possessions. My closet is seriously in need of some help. I have clothes in there from sophomore year of high school and I am lacking in many staples. Luckily this potential job would come with a nice discount for some nice clothes…And I plan to document the whole experience here!
Now it’s time for a pictorial representation of my experiences in the past four months.
I went to the beach…and what I wouldn’t do to go back there right now!

Eric and I went to the zoo and made friends with lots of animals.

The goats were particularly interested in Eric. 

We went to a club? It was fun?

My cousin came to visit and we had a lovely time.

I was Easy A for Halloween, although you can’t really tell since my boobs obstructed the lovely scarlet letter I had sewn on my corset. 

I stormed the field.

And actually made it to a game or two.

Eric and I went to Notre Dame and had the GREATEST SEATS EVER! Except I guess for the people in the two rows in front of us. We even got to take a picture on the field during halftime!

Eric and I also visited my old hometown of Monroe, Michigan.

My sister and I wearing on Thanksgiving, wearing masks of our faces that our cousin drew for us. I think they’re pretty realistic depictions, don’t you?

I don’t know why this picture is so grainy, but this is my dog, Gibson! Doesn’t he have the saddest baby seal eyes?
So, that’s pretty much it. I might post a picture of my interview outfit and you can let me know how competent and responsible I look. Cheers all!
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