I’m High-Fiving a Million Angels!

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OMFG! I just finished all my stupid take-home midterms. I’ve written like 20 pages in the past two days and I sort of feel like getting drunk. I just might, but first I should probably shower off the sweat and toil of the past two days. Yuckzors!
Anyhow, I may just have a little time to blog now, so you can look forward to that!
Oh wait, I have a huge paper and two take-home finals to look forward to in the near future. Fuck that.
In December.
Why the hell am I writing a blog after writing all that shit? BYEZ!

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  1. WOOOOO!!!!! I'll toast to finals being done and you almost being done with college. We can even do it at the same time somehow via internet and it will be cool and creepy all at once. The end.

  2. Good luck with everything you have left to do!

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