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I just watched the first episode of American Skins, and I’m just going to go ahead and say it. American accents just aren’t as cool. I think it’s a strange creative choice to choose to basically remake the first episode of British Skins, but I’m still pretty interested to see where the show goes next. Mostly because of this:

Michelle’s fabulous hair! I’m pretty sure this is the future of my own ‘do.
What do you think? Of Skins or this hair on me or anything else.
And yes, this is really all I could bother blogging. I’m busy melting my mind with sci-fi and tales of prehistoric Indians of North America.

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  1. She's cute! That hair would be great on you, I reckon! I kinda want it for myself…

  2. Love it!


  3. I watched the trailer for American Skins it seems really odd to me having seen the British one but I thought that would just be me coming from the UK! It took me a while to realise that it was the same characters and storyline etc as well xx

  4. Ah that would look so good on you. Doooooo it!

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