What I Did This Weekend

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I realize that as it’s Wednesday evening, this post is a little late. You know, blogging takes up a lot of time! And according to a very wise blogger (aka Gem of Gem Fatale), it’s more important to read other blogs than to write your own. So, I’ve been focusing a bit more on getting caught up with my reading. I had like 98 posts on Bloglovin! I’m down to about 20 now. I can’t believe how fast that adds up! I’m always finding new blogs that I want to follow and then, obviously, I cannot force myself to unfollow them. It’s a tough situation.
I didn’t have to go to work today on account of all the snow, so I took the day and did a MASSIVE cleaning in my apartment. I scrubbed floors, vacuumed everything, washed windows, disinfected counters, etc. Our apartment really needed it. There were parts we had never cleaned before, and we’ve lived here since August! I feel a lot better about life now, but I’m sure it will be messy again in three days.
One reason our apartment was messy was because we had a fabulous birthday party for Carly. She referred to the celebration as the “one year anniversary of turning 21.” We had gummy bears soaked in vodka and a variety of other alcoholic treats, all of which led to things getting totally out of control. Do you want to see a few pictures? I know you do!
Picnik collage
Obligatory outfit picture: blazer: H&M, leopard print top: H&M, faux leather skirt: Forever 21, party heels: Forever 21

I was really impressed with myself for keeping those heels on most of the night! It was so nice to feel like a normal height for a change…



On the left: I love this photo because it allows me to have a fantasy where I am a 5’11” amazon woman walking on stilts! In reality, my friend here was crouching or sitting or something, I’m not sure. On the right: Z and birthday girl Carly enjoying a laugh.
Me, John Travolta, and Eric. Who is who? I don’t know.
Hang on people, I have a really big and important post coming up. Namely, HOW TO LOOK CHIC IN THE WINTER. Yes, it’s possible, and I’m going to tell you how…

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  1. girl you are sooo pretty!! i love seeing gorgeous redheads! after my exams i'm going to have a major house clean i think and try to set up a routine or tidiness and cleanliness! this may last a few days too but there's nothing better than a big clean and sort out! haha we haven't even had a real party in our student house yet, must get on that! yours looks fab, and great outfit! it's always hard to dress up for staying indoors but i think you nailed it!xx

  2. Ah, I love your outfit! The skirt! The LEOPARD print! Fab-u-lous!

  3. Great outfit! Butwaitaminute, waitaminute. THE. JOHN. TRAVOLTA. POSTER. I am non-ironically, non-sarcastically pea green with envy.

  4. I love your outfit, especially the leather skirt! Rock 'n roll :).


  5. Your outfit is so great! I have no idea what kind of guitar I have btw…nothing too great or I'm sure my parents would be furious I never learned to play.

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