For Once In My Life

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Sorry about the lack of updates! I will be back soon, I promise! I’ve had an awful lot going on with starting school again and my room mate’s birthday party. I’m in a class on science fiction and fantasy, and basically have to read a book every week. In addition, I’m in another creative writing class, and I must produce two short stories this quarter. I’m really worried that I used all of my creativity on my last story. What if I can never write again?! I’m also in a class on prehistoric Native Americans of eastern North America (or something like that), and it’s really making me want to watch Pocahontas all the time. 
To hold you over, because I’m sure you’re so sad, might I present you with the most joyful song of all time?
This song basically requires that you learn the words and sing it at the top of your lungs.
Might I add that Stevie Wonder dances better than those back up dancers, and he’s BLIND?! What is wrong with those girls? Get a clue!

Maybe they are also blind…

Enjoy the snow. Winter only comes once a year!
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