Irony and Music

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 I just noticed that I missed my blog anniversary! I started my blog on November 1, 2009. Oh well. Thanks to anyone who’s read my ramblings for the past year!
I also have realized why Pandora and are almost completely unable to recommend anything relevant to me. They don’t recognize irony! Come on, do they seriously think I listen to the Spice Girls seriously? Apparently so, because they have recommended almost all of their solo recordings. I don’t want to listen to that shit! And unfortunately, about half my music taste is ironic.
The last time I made a CD, this was the playlist.
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I thought I was really clever when I was making it, but then I listened to it in the car with someone, and I was really embarrassed.
I have a really big shopping list post coming up, so get excited!

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  1. fuckyeah biggie & hall and oats in the same place for once.

  2. Ooh happy belated blogversary! (mouthfull!)xx

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