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I heard that ABBA got into the rock and roll hall of fame. Okay. Whatever, rock and roll hall of fame. What do you know? You’re in CLEVELAND. You can’t even go there between November and March because it’s too cold and windy from the lake. However, I thoroughly enjoyed the place the 17 times I went there as a child. I live near Cleveland, so this was considered a fun day trip…again and again and again. Anyhow, ABBA?! Really?! Is that rock and roll to you?

This is rock and roll? Okay, hall of fame. You’ve got me stumped.

Granted, I really like this song, and was pleased to find that the video was equally, if not more, ridiculous.

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  1. At least now I know that even the people who wrote that song dance like assholes when they hear it.

  2. What the shit. Unforgivable.

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