What I Wore…Yesterday

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I have so much to update on, but I don’t have very much time to do it. Oh well, I’ll at least give you my outfit yesterday.

Unfortunately, by the time I got home from work, it was dark, and none of my roomates were around to take a picture of me. So I was on my own for this one. I’ve let that issue be an excuse too many times but NOT TODAY.

This outfit is a little snow princessy / ballerina leaving ballet class in the winter. You can’t tell, but the sweater is a really pale pink color. I love it.

Detail on scarf. I love this thing. My Grandma gave this to me before she passed away. It was given to her by her sister who got it in her travels through Spain. It’s more beautiful in person, my crappy ass camera doesn’t do it justice! I mean, obviously. Look at the flash on that picture. It’s completely ridonk.

So, everyone has these, right? The black flats from Target? My left bow is all messed up now, but these things have taken me far. I’m not really sure what I was wearing on my feet before I bought these.

SHIT. My coffee went down the wrong tube and I coughed up coffee all over the place! I hate when that happens. Well anyhow…

Wish this picture would have been better….these are just pretty earrings from Forever 21. They stretch out my earlobes, but I like them because they’re a little 80’s working girl without being too…plastic.

But they probably are plastic.

So in conclusion:
Dress: Forever 21, Sweater: Thrift store (originally Banana Republic), Tights: Target, Scarf: G-Ma, Earrings: Forever 21, Shoes: Heaven (actually Target)

I picked this up for lunch yesterday with my friend Kim. It’s Pad Thai from Nida’s Sushi in the North Market, and it’s advertised as the best Pad Thai in Columbus. Well guess what? IT IS. It was absolutely scrumptious.

Have you ever thought the ATM ate your bank card when really you had already put it back in your wallet and you just forgot you did that? And there’s a long line of people behind you waiting to use the ATM? And you freak out and make a big deal?

Ya, that’s never happened to me either.

I made this on Sunday while my boyfriend watched football. It was actually his idea, can you believe that? He suggested that I make a Polyvore set out of my magazines and put it on the wall. So, he’s my soul mate. It turned out pretty good!

Definitely cooler than a poster…plus less likely to fall down in the night and scare the shit out of me!

So, that’s about all. I should, you know, get ready to go to class or something. I have another busy day, but maybe I’ll get a chance to post later. I’ve got some new Polys that I’m VERY excited about.

Oh, P.S. have you heard about this? I’m pants-shittingly excited! I hope this is as cool as I imagine…do you think it will be?

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  1. best way to kick that outfit up a notch- scarf, and an awesome lacey one i may add


  2. love your shirt, especially the little detailing


  3. Such a cute outfit, I can't seem to get bored of ballet pumps, they're ao chic when worn right, like you do! Thas is incredibly exciting! 🙂


  4. I loooove pale pink with black. It automatically puts me in a ballerina mood!

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