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What, Forever 21? What’s this? Wait, don’t tell me. I know…


I think I will be pursuing this at my local F21 shortly… Let’s all holler for Elizabeth Perkins’s crazy 80’s working girl wear in Big!

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  1. Love it. Anyone who can link a cute LBD to Big gets my vote.

  2. cute cute cute dress! ha, it was a modelling job I got to wear the ridiculous outfit for.

  3. i loveee this!! Gah, i miss Forever 21 when i'm in London, thank goodness they are opening some stores here next year – i need my fix, im getting withdrawl symptoms!!

    great blog, thanks for your lovely comments, hopefully you'll become a regular =]


  4. it's darling, its going on my wishlist!

  5. I like this one! Would even love it more when it was just a skirt but it's also nice to not haveing to find a black top with long sleeves 🙂

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