To Dream the Impossible Dream…

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Why is it so difficult to find winter boots that are both warm and feminine? Why should I have to give up looking pretty to stay warm? I’m just going to toss this out there: I am so OVER the North Face / Victoria’s Secret Pink sweatpants / Uggs look. What is that? Why is everyone wearing this? It’s completely heinous. It is the 2009 equivalent of wearing a Members Only jacket. Least offensive is the North Face jacket. It’s not really THAT ugly, the only problem is that it’s apparent trendiness will soon cause its demise. Sweatpants are sweatpants, and should only be worn in places appropriate for them (i.e. when sweating). But the Uggs. Why. WHY?! I know that everyone says they’re comfortable, but so are Crocs, and that doesn’t make them right! So many pretty girls walk around here every day looking like they have elephant legs. Anyhow, enough of this rant. I found a few decent alternatives:

Just because winter makes the world look like crap doesn’t mean that I’m going to.

Props to Polyvore for being such a useful shopping tool.

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