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Just watched (most of) Marie Antoinette, but unfortunately had to turn it off because there was an extremely interesting fight going on outside in the “Valley of Sin.” Apparently she should stop fucking cry because she treats him like shit. Oh he’s a dick? Well whatever, it’s like listening to the Real World. Oh, someone just broke a fucking window? Well, I think I’ll lock my door. Anyhow, on this tumultuous evening, I will post some inspiration pictures.

Oh my God. The cops are here. Golden.

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  1. OK I seriously need to get off my arse and watch this movie. It looks so good.

  2. i did finish watching it the next day, and i cried a little bit when they took her puppy away!

  3. sounds like a pretty crazy fight went down! in other news, i love marie antoinette, and you should definitely finish watching it. i'm obsessed with her pet pug (:

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